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Ligia Delgadillo

Strategic Advisor

Ligia Delgadillo holds a Bachelor’s Degree in in Political Science and a Master’s Degree in Gender Studies from the University of Costa Rica (UCR). For more than 20 years, she worked at the University she graduated from where she created and lead a department dedicated to creating volunteer opportunities for UCR students. The University of Costa Riva Volunteer Program allowed her to provide opportunities for University students to engage in important volunteer and service work in areas such as national parks, disadvantaged communities, schools, and in many other sites where she had steadfastly worked to create community development projects. As the Volunteer Program grew and became more prominent, more projects were developed and more students were placed. Through networking and the demonstrated exceptional work on the part of the students, the projects became ever more successful and credible among the communities they served. This is a testament to Ligia’s dedication and passion for creating exceptional experiences that have transformed the lives of thousands of students while making countless contributions to communities and causes across Costa Rica.

Ligia is an excellent organizer, administrator, as well as a caring mentor, and, as such, she has been able to diversify the projects to include social and political issues as well as women’s projects and those emphasizing biodiversity and the environment.

Over her very successful career, Ligia has worked internationally with both NGO’s and governmental organizations as well as several Canadian Universities and Colleges. She has successfully developed innovative projects with international students and colleges as well.

After her retirement from the University of Costa Rica, Ligia founded The Costa Rica Internship Institute (CRINI), an organization that will allow her to continue to follow her passion of developing projects and opportunities for dedicated students in the areas of biodiversity, women’s issues/gender empowerment, and global citizenship. CRINI’s work is ongoing and continues to demonstrate the same level of excellence that Ligia has achieved throughout her career.