unum Creating is about connecting people with transformational experiences through the provision of experiential learning focused on service, global citizenship, gender empowerment, physical literacy, and social justice with the ultimate goal of personal growth and overall wellness.

unum creating is about engaging in transformational experiences to help you discover your passions and find your light.

Over the course of the past 20 years, we have created transformation experiential learning programs in Canada and around the world. Working directly with community partners we are able to custom design programs that are transformative for our participants while having a positive impact on the communities we serve. Internationally, we have created successful programs in countries such as Costa Rica, El Salvador, Ecuador, and Bangladesh. Our established international network illustrates our depth of experience and allows us to create programs of great substance and quality.

We have also engaged local community partners to create learning opportunities and programs for participants to have an impact within their own communities right here in Canada. Local or global, our expertise in creating unique transformational experiences is extensive.

So, whether you’re looking for an international experience or you simply want to learn more about global citizenship right here in your own community, we have the program for you.

To learn more about our programs and how to get involved, please see the links below or reach us through contact us.

Joe’s Crew 2018

Project Overview

Joe’s Crew Global Education Fund

Joe’s Crew was created in 2017 by Joe’s wife Pam, as a means of celebrating the relationships Joe has developed through the years and the communities he has touched all over the world. It acknowledges the positive impact we can have on the world around us through simple acts of kindness and contribution. Joe believes that education is essential in addressing issues related to poverty and inequality in the world today, regardless of cultural context or geography. A cornerstone of the unum society is to increase the capacity of others to not just improve their own situation, but to enable others to do the same, resulting in healthy communities. To this end, Joe’s Crew was created with the goal of providing financial assistance to those seeking to further their academic pursuits in communities where financial and other barriers prohibit many from taking the next step in their education.

Through the purchase of a Joe’s Crew t-shirt, net proceeds will be directed to supporting scholarships and other academic initiatives in rural El Salvador, Bangladesh, and Costa Rica. Other opportunities to contribute can be made through our GoFundMe page (coming soon!). All funds donated on behalf of Joe’s Crew will be administered locally within each community we serve. See program/country specific information below.

Joe’s Crew communities/schools may also receive training and support related to small business development and entrepreneurship in relation to a student’s chosen area of study and subsequent field of work. Through his existing community networks, Joe has connected Canadian small business owners, academics, and other interested individuals with Joe’s Crew students and projects in El Salvador, Bangladesh, and Costa Rica. Joe’s Crew funding recipients will also be encouraged to give back to their local communities, furthering strengthening their communities, while role modeling the value of education and the importance of contribution to others.

Joe’s Crew El Salvador

Scholarship Program

Working directly with the rural community of Caserio El Escalon located in the Municipality of Santa Catarina Masahuat, Joe’s Crew will provide funding to of the Los Machados Del Canton San Rafael School Center as well as community members with the purpose of continuing their education at a local technical college. Acceptance and approval for the funding will be determined by the teachers of the local school, a member of the unum society organization, as well as an administrator from the local technical school to ensure fairness and transparency. As well, funds may be directed to the school for infrastructure improvements such as implementing internet access, library equipment, etc. All projects will be identified by the community as areas of greatest need.

Each year, a minimum of two students (one female and one male) will be selected to receive funding from the Joe’s Crew Global Education fund. Funding will be disbursed and administered by our in-country partner. Students will receive the funds for up to one year, or until the academic program has been completed. Once a student has been accepted into the program of choice, further support will be provided by program partners in Canada who work in a related field, thus creating opportunities of enhanced support in applying their skills towards employment or small enterprise creation.

Join us Friday, October 26, 2018 for our annual fundraiser in support of this initiative. Details for the event can be found on our Facebook page. Or, contact Joe for more information. 

For more information about Joe’s Crew, contact Joe directly at joe@unum1.ca.

Joe’s Crew Bangladesh

Coming Soon!

Joe’s Crew Costa Rica

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