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Connecting people with experiences and opportunities is what Joe Danis has been doing for over 20 years. Whether it’s creating experiential learning opportunities or speaking about the importance of finding passion and purpose in your life, Joe has the ability to inspire people into action through his thoughtful and authentic approach. Joe will customize a program to meet the needs of your team, class, or organization, with the purpose of increasing your capacity to create change and transform yourself or your community. Through keynote addresses, workshops, or storytelling, Joe speaks on topics related to global citizenship, personal identity, finding passion and purpose, as well as the importance of creating transformational experiences to enhance growth and stimulate curiosity.

Over the years, Joe has had the opportunity to work closely with millennials, primarily through his extensive work in post-secondary education. His ability to resonate with this demographic, has lead to numerous speaking opportunities and the creation of several experiential learning programs that have supported Joe’s mantra of increasing people’s capacity to do great stuff!

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The Ordinary Joe workshop series takes participants through a series of discussions and exercises aimed at self-discovery and the development of a sense of clarity with respect to who we are, what we represent, and where we are headed. As an “Ordinary Joe” himself, Joe has not only facilitated these sessions for years, but he practices the principles and concepts of these workshops on a daily basis. Being an Ordinary Joe is simply about being you, an Ordinary Jo(e) who lives an EXTRAORDINARY life. That’s what makes being an Ordinary Joe so special. While it’s great to learn from and strive to be the next Steve Jobs or Oprah Winfrey, we all have something within us that makes us uniquely special. These workshops will help you create and maintain a lifestyle that is fuelled by passion and driven by purpose. Learn how to exude CONFIDENCE, develop a hunger for GROWTH, be CONSISTENT in your approach, resulting in the creation of a lifestyle that is SUSTAINABLE and congruent to your values, your identity, and your vision.


Ordinary Joe Workshop Series

Each workshop is 1.5 hours in length and includes discussion and interactive exercises to maximize learning and encourage retention, resulting in simple yet impactful changes that build confidence and create consistency of behaviours. 

Identity 101 – The Foundation

Session Summary
Before we can find our “why” or discover our passions or define our purpose in life, we must begin the journey of self discovery by asking ourselves the age-old question “who am I?” By clearly articulating a sense of self and identity, we can only then begin the delve into our development as individuals or as leaders. Defining a true sense of self while understanding and identifying the things that shape us, leads to an overwhelming sense of confidence and clarity. Confidence in knowing who we truly are, as well as the confidence to know who we are NOT.

Curiosity and Creativity – A Life of Growth, Discovery & Opportunity

Session Summary
Did you know that humans are actually “hard-wired” to be curious? That our brains are built to explore and acquire new information, with some referring to humans as “informavors” – consumers of information. So, why and how do we lose this thirst for new information and experiences and furthermore, the ability to exercise new muscles in the brain that result in creative energy and innovation. Curiosity is the stimulus for growth and the foundation for establishing creative outlets for our newfound knowledge. Curiosity leads us to new experiences and opportunities for learning that result in discoveries about ourselves and the world around us, further influencing our identity and sense of self. Curiosity cultivates creativity, resulting in self discovery, personal growth, and innovation.

Hitting Your Stride – Living in the ZONE!

Session Summary
Once we begin the journey of a life towards growth and discovery, built on a foundation of confidence and clarity, the real test comes in our quest for consistency. Consistency not only in our day to day activities, but consistency of thoughts, words and actions and of truly being YOU every single minute of every single day. Consistency comes from developing habits and rituals that support your identity and drive your sense of purpose as well as from a strong sense of consciousness or mindfulness. These are traits that can be developed through time, resulting in a sense of flow or of “living in the ZONE!”

Vision for the Future – Healthy Goal Setting

Session Summary
How do you define yourself? Are you successful or are you healthy and well? What sets the tone for your future? Do you set goals or simply have a vision that’s fluid? Maybe it’s all of the above. Setting healthy goals is a practice we should all consider as it gives us direction that is required to be successful. However, what if that success comes at the expense of our health and well being? Finding balance in what drives us towards our goals that support our vision of the future is the ultimate tonic for a life well lived.

For more information on the Ordinary Joe workshops series, please contact Joe directly at joe@unum1.ca.


“I have known and worked with Joe Danis for over ten years. I am a raving fan. Joe is a big thinker AND a granular executor. He has the ability to motivate everyone to go further and do more than they otherwise would have done. He is a great storyteller and team player.”

Mike Lipkin, Owner & President, Environics/Lipkin

Three words come to mind when I reflect on Joe’s recent talk: Simplistic, Fundamental, Transformative.

Inviting Joe into our Student Leadership Training Course at Michigan State University provided clarity for our students and myself as he asked us to reflect on what fundamentally makes us, us. This conversation was both simple and critical, as it is one that rarely occurs, especially during a time when our social identities are indicative of how we are treated. We often skip over discussions of the internal influences on our life. Ignoring this leaves us in places where we lack motivation, curiosity, and passion.

Joe helped us transform our internal identities into motivation and direction for our futures. He helped us reclaim ourselves through his short workshop, and for that I will always be grateful.

Sera Radovich, Graduate Assistant
University Activities Office, Michigan State University

“Joe’s talk inspired my to overcome my fears and rediscover my passion for writing”

Mary Lu, University of Paderborn (Germany) student and aspiring author

“My volunteer experience in El Salvador was truly transformational. Joe always creates opportunities that really open you up to learning through some amazing experiences. And, he always makes you feel welcome and inspired.”

Clair Cerilli-Stankvicius, University of Manitoba Graduate and Global Volunteer

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