unum connecting is a virtual gathering place where people, organizations, companies, and communities come together to share, support, and inspire ideas and concepts that transform lives. Find your cause or your tribe through connecting with people from all over the globe who share your passion for positive change. Be a part of our tribe and engage and connect with others who seek a life of purpose and contribution.

unum connecting is the vehicle to help you express your passions and the stage to help you shine your light.

The foundation for unum connecting is our blog. Serving as an intersection of ideas, stories, campaigns, and other interesting and relevant information, our goal is to provide a platform for people to connect. Through these connections, become a part of the unum society where people, opportunities, and experiences become the stimulus for change.

unum Society

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Ordinary Joe

Throughout the year we will feature an Ordinary Joe who is making a difference in their community every day. You don’t need to be rich or famous to make a difference and these people exemplify that. Through simple yet tangible and meaningful actions, these people strive to contribute to the well being of those around them. In keeping with the unum mantra of one cause, one community, these amazing people are the foundation for a movement based on the simplicity of selfless contribution.